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Application Sales Support Engineer

Primary Focus

  • Ensure we achieve customer’s required response time in their support needs.
  • Supporting the Sales Team and Business Drivers by providing technical expertise in Standard Pneumatics and Electrical Automation.

Secondary Focus

  • Support the Core Engineering team by providing onsite support
  • Support the Customer by providing on-site technical expertise [breakdown and commissioning] in Standard Pneumatics and Electrical Automation.

Department Norms

  • Take ownership of all assigned activities “make it your mission” to see them through to completion and meet the customer needs.
  • Create transparency at all stages to improve team performance, ownership & communication


General responsibilities

  • Ensure prioritisation of customer visits based on the My client strategy.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are aware of the status of all support enquiries
  • Ensure a win/win situation by understanding all customer needs.
  • Work with Sales Support Managers to reduce complexity and waste.
  • Negotiate with Customers and team members to achieve high customer satisfaction.
  • Using all engineering skills to develop best concepts.
  • Understand project technical risks.
  • Ensure effective handover of projects for completion to Internal support functions
  • Support sales in the presentation of proposals
  • Visit customers independently of Sales Colleagues
  • Maximise opportunities by ensuring All services are known to customers
  • Adhere to all company processes including all development tools
  • Provide support as requested including Breakdowns and commissioning
  • Provide customer training on My client products and Tools
  • Liaise with HQ as and when necessary.
  • Other duties as requested, directed, or assigned.

Skills Requirements 


Personal Organisation:       

Must have effective time management skills to be able to plan and manage their work load efficiently, must be able to work to deadlines and agreed work patterns and balance their efforts across all allocated tasks and responsibilities.


Must be an effective and persuasive communicator across a broad spectrum of methods, should possess excellent listening skills, and should be able to select the appropriate media and style when communicating with people.

Decision Making:

Must be able to make decisions at an appropriate level according to the requirements of the role and should know when to seek support and advice from their Manager.


Additional Responsibilities for this role

Knowledge and Skill Requirements


 Demonstrates conscious competence in the application of Fundamental and Assertive Consultative Communication skills based on a thorough understanding of ALL customer and colleagues needs.

Produces written communications that are clear, written to a professional standard and in accordance with corporate design. Takes time to ensure that ALL written communications are error free and proof read before despatch.

Technical Knowledge:

 Demonstrates excellent knowledge and understanding of my clients Pneumatic, Electric Drive, Networks & Controls, Process Application Products and Customer Solutions to a high level of competency. Engages with all decision makers across the scope of our supply with a view to safe and efficient application.

Demonstrates excellent knowledge of my client added and extra value services, Training and consulting.

My clients Processes

Understands and complies with company and departmental processes in order to maximise efficiency, minimise quality non compliances and associated risk to the company. Uses Continuous improvement to recommend improvement suggestions. Supports core process and can convey this knowledge and commitment to others

IT Knowledge and Skills:  

Is committed to, understands and effectively uses core IT tools such as office, SAP and SharePoint in support of their responsibilities. Uses such tools to a professional standard in terms of accuracy, format and presentation. Effectively uses my client communication tools such as Technical support request [TRS], Outlook, SFA, ICM and WeNet to accelerate the speed or impact of business communication. Uses these tools to ensure that the required information can be accessed in a timely manner. Is able to demonstrate an understanding of the use of my client product selection tools to choose & apply our products.